Personal Care Services

To be eligible for Personal Care Services individuals must be on the Home and Community Based Waiver as determined through their local Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO). If qualified, then Individuals can choose SEKRS from a list of providers available for their Personal Care Services. 

SEKRS Personal Care Services providers can help individuals with special needs be more independent with their tasks of daily living, age appropriate socialization, and community inclusion. SEKRS Personal Care Services providers can assist individuals with household daily living skills (e.g. shopping, meal preparation, eating, cleanup after meals, dressing, bed-making, and laundry). Providers do not provide house cleaning services and do no household maintenance.

The Personal Care Services worker can also accompany or transport the recipient to accomplish any of the tasks listed above, providing necessary supervision and/or support for community activities.

How to Apply

For more information call 800-362-0390, ext. 1642. When you're ready, download the Application for Personal Care Services (pdf).

Mail completed application to SEKRS, Inc., P.O. Box 936, Parsons, KS 67357. (Send forms via U.S. Mail. Do not email.)


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