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Payee Program
Authority and Responsibility

woman wearing pink hatAn organizational payee receives Social Security and/or SSI payments for an individual who cannot manage or direct another person to manage his or her money. The main reasonability of the organizational payee is to use the funds to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary. As a Fee for Services Payee, SEKRS, Inc., is permitted to charge the beneficiary a fee for this service. Southeast Kansas Respite Services began in 1990 and was incorporated with the assistance of the board members in 1991. Our mission is for individuals across the life span and their families to have access to quality respite services and a variety of other services and supports through collaborative partnerships within communities of Southeast Kansas. Leaders from the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities at Parsons, joined by Parsons State Hospital and Training Center, the Parsons State Hospital Endowment Association, CLASS LTD, Tri-Valley Developmental Services and Labette Community college recognized Respite Services as a critical component of comprehensive programs serving persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

Diane Salyers, holding Eli Colvin, and Laura Doyle-Colvin receive Business of the Year award from Tri-Valley Developmental Services

SEKRS, Inc. Named Business of the Year

SEKRS, Inc. was named the 2011 Business of the Year by Tri-Valley Developmental Services at its annual awards ceremony in Chanute on January 19, 2011.

In this photograh (at the left), Diane Salyers is holding Eli Colvin, while Laura Doyle-Colvin is holding the award.

Tri-Valley Developmental Services named SEKRS, Inc. as Business of the Year for its Payee Program. Diane Salyers said, "The credit for this award goes to Laura Doyle-Colvin for her expertise and attention to the people who count on us getting it right."