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Contact Information

University of Kansas
Life Span Institute at Parsons
University Center on Developmental Disabilities
2601 Gabriel
Parsons, KS 67357

Main telephone number: 620-421-6550 Ext. 1642 or 800-362-6550 Ext. 1642 (In Kansas)

Individuals can be reached at their extensions listed below their photographs.

Diane Salyers Laura Doyle-Colvin Martha Morgan Photograph of Bev Schaich

Diane Salyers
Ext. 1642

Laura Doyle-Colvin
Ext. 1899
Martha Morgan
Ext. 1670
Beverly Schaich
Ext. 1632
Patti Blake Mary Carr
Patti Blake
Ext. 1622
Mary Carr
Ext. 1636