A series of photos of people who might receive or provide respite services.

SEKRS consists of these service programs

Respite Care Services: Care providers come into the home to give caregivers a break or respite from the difficult task of caring for loved ones who have special needs. This program provides care so caregivers can just "get away" without worry.

Coordinated Resource Support Services (CRSS): 24/7 emergency response to crisis situations with individuals who are dually diagnosed with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD), mental illness, and in crisis.

Administration of Grants: SEKRS, Inc. has been established as a 501(c)(3) corporation. As such, SEKRS, Inc. can administer grants for organizations who do not have the time, expertise, or resources to have themselves established as a non-profit organization.

Payee Program: This service provides payee services for individuals who cannot manage their finances. SEKRS, Inc. pays monthly bills and distributes discretionary spending money to individuals participating in this program.

Personal Care Services: Services that provide direct assistance to recipients of the Home and Community Based Waiver in independent living, age appropriate socialization, and community inclusion.

Contact Information: This link provides more information about all programs administered by SEKRS, Inc. and contact information for SEKRS staff.

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